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Good nutrition is vital for managing our menopausal symptoms and for our long-term health. Research and science have shown that the Mediterranean style diet is far better than our Western Style Diet when it comes to healthy ageing and longevity.

More recent research by Dr Lisa Mosconi, Neuroscientist, has also shown that the Mediterranean style diet is beneficial for our brain health and can help to reduce our chance of diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Mediterranean style diet is renowned for its heart healthy and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes whole, nutrient-dense foods which is just what our bodies need as we transition through menopause.

Research has shown that a Mediterranean style diet is:

  • Rich in healthy fats like Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), nuts and fish. Great for heart health and reducing inflammation.
  • There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables that are full of antioxidants and support our overall well-being. 
  • High in fibre like with foods like whole grains (brown rice) which promote digestive health and can help to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Very low in processed foods and sugars. Again, this reduces the risk of weight gain and chronic diseases along with inflammation and bloating.
  • A good source of lean protein like fish and legumes. These high quality proteins support our muscle mass and overall health.

Start by making small changes. It’s all about habit stacking and maybe just add in or take out one thing a week to start with. Once you start seeing changes, it will make it much easier for you to change to this lifestyle.

Make sure you stay hydrated and aim for at least 2L of water (or decaffeinated herbal teas) a day.

The Mediterranean style diet offers us a balanced and wholesome approach to our eating habits and can help to alleviate some of our menopausal symptoms.

Remember, we are all different and that’s a good thing! We need to embrace this next stage and we can use the power of “real food” to help us navigate our way through. We all want less bloating and inflammation, so let’s make the small changes that can help us to get there.