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I've been there - Menopause isn't fun and sometimes the drug route doesn't work.

I believe a personalised approach is essential to addressing the complex physical and emotional changes that occur to us during menopause. This is because every woman is unique. My approach combines evidence-based methods with natural therapies and lifestyle changes to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

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These are your first steps to taking control of your symptoms. Start pushing back against the effects of menopause with targeted coaching with me and begin your journey to relief today.

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Over 700 women throughout New Zealand have directly benefitted from my training material.

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Over 90% of the women I have worked with feel real improvement in their mind and body.

My values & Goals

To Inspire and Empower Women in NZ.


My vision

To create a world where every woman embraces menopause as a natural, empowering transition, armed with knowledge, support, and personalised care to thrive in this new chapter of life.


My mission

To provide compassionate, evidence-based coaching and education that empowers women to navigate menopause with confidence.

I offer:

  • Personalised coaching plans.
  • Educate women, promote different approaches.
  • Advocate for increased awareness and destigmatisation.
  • Engagment with organisations around Menopause in the workplace.
  • Continuously update my knowledge.

My moto

To go through menopause is a privilege, it marks a milestone that many women, taken too early, never get to experience. They would have welcomed this next phase with open arms. 

Menopause signals a powerful new phase in our lives. We are strong women and we have so much to contribute and share. This is our time

My Journey

helping people to achieve their goals.

With a passion for lifesyle wellness and a deep understanding of the menopausal journey, I empower women to embrace change, optimise their health and rediscover their vitality.

HR Career
The People Person!

Throughout a ten-year journey, I evolved into a certified HR Manager, earning a practice certificate in personnel management and leading substantial teams. As someone deeply passionate about people, I cherished this phase of my career, finding fulfillment in supporting both organisations and their employees.

Personal Strength Trainer
Strong Woman & Beyond.

My career dedicated to promoting overall health and wel-being begins! I launched my own business, opened a gym and became a fully-qualified Personal Trainer and Strength Trainer. At my peak, I had 13 employees juggling hundreds of clients with one passion - empowering them to reach their full potential. It was during this time I took the bold step to take part in the Strong Woman contest! 

Business Mentor & Coach
The Next Step!

I designed and implemented bespoke coaching programs addressing individual needs, with a focus on symptom management, lifestyle enhancement, and emotional wellness. Concurrently, I earned a certificate in 'Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health' from Harvard Business School. It was during this time I became a Mentor for the Embassy of Ireland Youth Council. Which allowed me to guide young people in personal growth and entrepreneurship. These diverse experiences culminated in my transition to a Business Mentor and Coach, where I empowered both individuals and organisations to realise their ambitions.

Menopause Coach & Public Speaker
Menopause Breakthrough.

I committed full-time to becoming a Menopause Coach and influential Public Speaker, dedicated to empowering women through their menopausal journey. I emerged as a sought-after speaker at women's health conferences, corporate wellness events, and community workshops, advocating for greater menopause awareness and education.

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