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Take Control of your Symptoms.

Push back against the effects of menopause with targeted coaching by me, Anne Jordan. Your fully-qualified Menopause Practitioner in Christchurch.

Over my exclusive 12-week programme, I will guide you through the many different symptoms of menopause to help you be more in control.

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Over 700 women throughout New Zealand have directly benefitted from my training material.

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Over 90% of the women I have worked with feel real improvement in their mind and body.

Exclusive Menopause Coaching

12 Weeks to Change your Life.


Quality sleep is the key to a healthier body. Are you getting between 6-8 hours of quality sleep a night? We need to understand and work with our own circadian rhythm. Not getting the correct sleep can lead to weight gain, bloating and poor brain health to name just a few. Establishing a bedtime routine is key.

Liver & Gut Health

Our liver and our kidneys manage all the toxins in our body. As we go through menopause, our liver is one of the most important organs to take care of. If our liver is not functioning correctly and can not get rid of excess toxins, then our fat cells will store these instead, which leads to our lovely "meno belly". Make your liver your best friend.


Nutrition is hugely important in general, let alone when we are going through menopause. Not having our nutrition right can lead to a whole host of issues including inflammation, bloating, lack of sleep, poor bone and liver health to name just a few. Research of the blue zone countries has shown that a mediterranean style diet instead of a western style diet improves our ageing process and helps with longevity and increased brain health.


The statistics show that 1 in 8 women in New Zealand get placed on antidepressants during menopause! Both acute and chronic stress can change the way our body operates. We need to learn how to listen to our body, be more in tune with it and work to keep our body and mind working in harmony. Stress is not just one thing, it is usually an accumulation of stressors that cause the issues.


The right type of exercise will make a world of difference to our menopausal bodies. Ensuring we get the correct exercise can lead to reduced hot flushes, better bone health and reduced risk of osteoporosis as well as boosting our mood and energy and all while releasing endorphins which will help to improve our overall well being.

Hormones & Food

We are not (generally speaking) extreme athletes, therefore we do not need to eat like them. We should be looking at getting all the "good stuff" from our food and not so much from supplements. Ideally, for our hormones to be happy and healthy, we need to be eating a more plant based diet or at least about 80% plant based. Don't underestimate the power of drinking water!

Mediterranean Style Diet

Mediterranean Magic Nourishing Your Menopausal Journey.

Discover the transformative power of Mediterranean cuisine on your menopausal journey.

This ancient diet, rich in olive oil, fresh vegetables, and lean proteins, offers a natural approach to managing hormonal changes and promoting overall well-being.

Learn how to harness the magic of Mediterranean eating to ease hot flashes, boost energy, and enhance mood.

Our expert-guided programme combines delicious recipes, lifestyle tips, and personalised coaching to help you navigate this new chapter with grace and vitality.

Embrace the Mediterranean way—where every meal is a celebration of health, flavour, and the joy of living well through menopause and beyond!

Client testimonials

My Success Stories

"We were extremely fortunate to have Anne come to our workplace on International Women's Day to chat to us on Menopause, with specific reference to the Workplace.I found Anne to be engaging and approachable throughout her time with us. Anne shared valuable knowledge and insights that I know will help me both personally and professionally.I look forward to engaging with Anne in the future when possible, and enjoy following her journey especially the Ice Plunge Pool challenge, which has encouraged me to give it a try."

Laura Linnane Group Finance Manager

"I really enjoyed doing the 12 week menopause programme with Anne. It provided me with so much valuable information to take care of myself and how to handle the various symptom's I have had to endure. Anne is always a text or ph call away with any questions I had along the way. Thankyou Anne and I am now looking forward to joining her in April at one of her retreats in Akaroa. I highly recommend this 12 week programme."

Jacqui Bulloch Kaha Mna Client

"Anna's extensive knowledge of women's health was incredibly impressive. She provided us with deep insights that sparked thought-provoking discussions and offered valuable perspectives on various topics including menopause. Her expertise was evident, and it greatly enriched our understanding of the subject matter.Anna's engaging speaking style and ability to connect with the audience was exceptional. She held our attention throughout the entire presentation, making it both informative and enjoyable.Given the overwhelmingly positive response from our team, we would be delighted to invite Anna to speak at our future events. Her passion for empowering women and her expertise in the field makes her a valuable asset to any organisation.Thank you, Anna, for your outstanding contribution to our Women of Impact group. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you again in the future."

Bianca Lemon General Manager

12-week programme

Take control of your symptoms. Push back against the effects of menopause with targeted coaching by me, Anne Jordan.

Over my exclusive 12-week programme, you will be guided through the many different symptoms of menopause to help you be more in control. Begin your journey to relief today!

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I am based in Canterbury near Christchurch and can perform 100% online coaching in addition to travelling anywhere in New Zealand for home based 1:1 sessions, office group classes and public speaking events.

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